Theatre Arts Programme

By using stories, we create a space for children that has consistently brought something new to schools through their interactive and creative adventures. Using children’s natural enthusiasm for play, their love of stories, thirst for exploration and the need to make friends, Manzandaba nurtures children through the process of inventing their own characters and narrative to make their own performances to share with family and the school community.

We specially curate our programmes to cater to the needs and expectations of the schools, yet also bring a touch of magic that can only be found at Manzandaba! We look forward to bringing more joy and creativity to your school!

"Using stories in all their forms to engage, enlighten and empower." - Johnny Gillett, The Journey Man

Shakespeare Programme

Through fun games and innovative drama activities, the children will not only get to know the stories and the characters of the original plays, but they will begin to re-shape them to be played in a new setting, whether the world of video games or space adventures. The children will develop their own dialogue, as well as using a few Shakespeare quotes, then design their own scenery, props and costumes. At the end of each five days, the children will present a 30 minute performance to family and friends, which will be their own creation and reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s play.

Parents have always been astounded at how those children who attended Manzandaba's Shakespeare programmes become inspired by Shakespeare and eager to see more of his plays. We look forward to bringing the Bard to your school or enrichment centre!